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Welcome to the Kiamichi Wilderness Landowner's Association
Our 3rd Quarter 2020 Board Meeting is scheduled for September 26th at 9AM in the Firehouse Community CenterAnnual Benefit and Poker Run Information Under Announcements

Welcome to the Official Kiamichi Wilderness Landowner's Association Website!

This site is intended to be an internet-based gathering place for members of the Kiamichi Wilderness Landowners Association (KWLA) in order to share general information, register important information for emergency services, pay dues, and keep up with goings-on in "The Wilderness".  It's also a place for prospective landowners to get to know more about us, the place we all love, and our community. You can also check out our official Facebook site:

What is the "Kiamichi Wilderness", Who are its' Landowners, and What is the Landowner's Association about?? 

The Kiamichi Wilderness is approximately 10,000 acres of land around Big Mountain in Pushmataha County, alongside the Kiamichi River near Antlers Oklahoma.  It was purchased/subdivided in the 1970's by a real estate developer and sold to residents of Oklahoma and Texas as a "get-away" place for weekend fun.  It has grown since then to a vibrant community, complete with a Volunteer Fire Department and a Landowner's association. 

Landowners here come from all walks of life.  All are drawn here by the beauty of the rocky hills, trees, clear-running creeks, rambling trails, abundant wildlife, and quiet living.  Many choose to build cabins here and teach their children about nature, preservation, and the simple lives people lived so long ago.  Others still choose to retire here; escaping the noise of the big city and building long-lasting relationships in our community. 

The KWLA was formed in the 80's to help bring the community together, maintain the roads, provide security, and establish common hunting and land use rules.  There are well over one hundred miles of roads within the wilderness, and the primary goal of the KWLA is to maintain the main artery (Sherman road) as far into the wilderness as funds allow.  Since KWLA dues are not mandatory as part of purchasing land here, it is requested that each landowner do their part by paying annual dues ($150).  In addition to road maintenance, these dues pay for things like gate and grounds security, community maintenance, etc.  The KWLA board is comprised of 5-7 members, all unpaid, and terms are 2 years.  All volunteers to join the board or committees are welcome to apply.

The Kiamichi Wilderness Volunteer Fire Department (KWVFD) provides a great service to the community in the event of fire or medical emergencies, and hosts a helipad for quick transportation to local hospitals. 

Why Register?

The Kiamichi Wilderness is considered Private Property by the State of Oklahoma.  All road maintenance and normal policing services (traffic control, patrolling neighborhoods, etc.) commonly provided by cities are the responsibility of the landowners in the Kiamichi Wilderness.  While the County Sheriff and emergency medical will respond to all 911 calls, cell coverage in the Wilderness is spotty, at best.  The KWLA and KWVFD maintain roads, provide gate and limited security, and monitor local VHF radio traffic for reports of fires, injuries, etc.  Registration helps to protect the landowner in the event of an emergency and allow the emergency responders to contact landowners to report problems.  ALL landowner information is kept confidential, not sold to outside organizations, or shared with other landowners not acting under official KWLA or KWVFD business.  For these services, we ask landowners to pay $150 annually to offset costs.

There are 2 types of landowner registration: "dues-paying", or "non-dues-paying".  While we encourage all landowners to pay dues, we understand that some landowners may not be able or willing to pay dues.  For this reason, we set up both types of registrations with full site access (once verified as landowners).  Both registration types will be notified to renew annually, with the hope that non-dues-paying members become dues-paying members at some point.

Landowner registration is a relatively simple process.  Once you select the "Landowner Registration" menu item at the left:
1. Select the type of membership you're registering for; dues paying (preferred), or non-dues paying.
2. Complete the information requested.  Minimally, you'll be asked to provide your name/contact information and lot number.
3. We will review your submission.  Once approved, you'll receive an email with your username and temp password.
4. Sign in to the site, complete your registration, and make your payment (assuming you're registered as dues-paying)
5. For those who are already current on their dues, they will not be required to make payment until their next payment is due.  Renewal is automatic, and you will be notified when the next payment is due.
6. For those who are registered as non-dues paying, they will only be asked to renew annually.